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Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet

Chemical Analysis





Chemical Analysis for 
Pure Deer Antler Velvet Powder



Pure Deer Antler Velvet


bullet Protein - Any of a group of complex nitrogenous substances of high molecular weight that contain amino acids as their fundamental structural units and are present in the cells of all plants & animals that function in all phases of chemical & physical activity of the cells. 
bullet Ash 
bullet Lipids - Importance: 3 of the major physiological functions: 
bullet Part of the structural component of a cell membrane. 
bullet Provides energy reserve in the form of triacyglycerols (Triacyglycerols are a compound of three molecules of fatty acid. Esterified to glycerol, a neutral fat which reduces free fatty acids in the blood.)
bullet Assists in the absorption of Vitamins A, D, E, and K. 
bullet Nitrogen 
bullet Carbohydrate 
bullet Water 




bullet Builds and maintains bones and teeth
bullet Regulates heart rhythm
bullet Eases insomnia
bullet Helps regulate the passage of nutrients in and out of the cell walls
bullet Assists in normal blood clotting
bullet Helps maintain proper nerve and muscle function
bullet Lowers blood pressure
bullet Important to normal kidney function
bullet According to current research, it reduces the incidence of colon cancer
bullet Reduces blood cholesterol levels 


bullet Energy production
bullet Is in the bones to form crystals with calcium and in teeth
bullet Activates B vitamins
bullet Is part of RNA/DNA (the genetic material) 


bullet Plays an important role in regulating the neuromuscular activity of the heart
bullet Maintains normal heart rhythm
bullet Necessary for proper calcium and vitamin C metabolism
bullet Converts blood sugar into energy


bullet A primary electrolyte, important in regulating pH (acid base) balance and water balance
bullet Plays a role in nerve function and cellular integrity


bullet Works with sodium to regulate the body's waste, balance and normalize heart rhythms
bullet Aids in clear thinking by sending oxygen to the brain
bullet Preserves proper alkalinity of body fluids
bullet  Stimulates the kidneys to eliminate poisonous body wastes
bullet Assists in reducing high blood pressure
bullet Promotes healthy skin

Trace Elements:



bullet Is an anti-oxidant nutrient
bullet Important in the blood breakdown of amino acids and the production of energy necessary for the metabolism of Vitamin B-1 and Vitamin E
bullet Activates various enzymes, which are important for proper digestion and utilization of foods
bullet Is a catalyst in the breakdown of fats and cholesterol
bullet Helps nourish the nerves and brain
bullet Necessary for normal skeletal development
bullet Maintains sex hormone production


bullet Is an antioxidant nutrient
bullet Necessary for protein synthesis
bullet Wound healing
bullet Vital for the development of the reproductive organs, prostate functions and male hormone activity
bullet It governs the contractility of muscles
bullet Important for blood stability; maintains the body's alkaline balance
bullet Helps in normal tissue function
bullet Aids in the digestion and metabolism of phosphorus


bullet Necessary for the absorption and utilization of iron
bullet Helps oxidize Vitamin C and works with Vitamin C to form Elastin, a chief component of the Elastin muscle fibers throughout the body
bullet Aids in the formation of red blood cells
bullet Helps proper bone formation and maintenance


bullet Its major function is to combine with protein and copper in making hemoglobin
bullet Iron builds up the quality of the blood and increases resistance to stress and disease
bullet It is also necessary for the formation of myoglobin, which is found only in muscle tissue
bullet Iron also prevents fatigue and promotes good skin tone 


bullet A major antioxidant nutrient
bullet Protects cell membranes and prevents free radical generation, thereby decreasing the risk of cancer and disease of the heart and blood vessels
bullet Medical surveys show that increased selenium intake decreases the risk of breast colon, lung and prostrate cancer
bullet Selenium also preserves tissue elasticity
bullet Slows down the aging and hardening of tissues through oxidation
bullet Helps in the treatment and prevention of dandruff 


bullet An essential micro nutrient not manufactured by the body and an important component of vitamin B-1 2 

Amino Acids:

The building blocks of protein


bullet Component of certain amino acids
bullet Part of biotin, thiamin and insulin


bullet Cell function regulators that play a key role in the body's response to inflammation, tissue injury and pain 


bullet The supportive protein component of connective tissue
bullet Promotes healthy skin


bullet  Proven to rebuild cartilage and reduce inflammation

Chondroitin Sulfate A

bullet Shrinks tumors
bullet Anti-inflammatory 

Natural Hormones

bullet Regulate overall body conditions, such as the blood glucose level and metabolic rate 


bullet A glycoprotein produced in the kidney that stimulates red blood cell production in the bone marrow 


 E. Coli

bullet (CFU/G) Negative


bullet CFU/IOG) Negative


bullet Negative

Coistridium Perfringens 

bullet Negative

Bacillus Cereus

bullet Negative


bullet Negative


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